A Windows program to play Midi files

MidiPlay is a free Windows program that allows singers and instrumentalists to play MIDI files and adjust the playback to help them to learn their parts. It shows the position in the score while it's playing the music.

The instructions below tell you how to:

  1. Download the MidiPlay program.
  2. Use the MidiPlay program to listen to MIDI files.
  3. Use the advanced features of the MidiPlay program to achieve special effects (this isn’t essential to hearing the individual parts, but it makes the music sound better).
  4. Send feedback to me.

Recent Improvements:

  1. To download the MidiPlay program:

  2. When MidiPlay is playing a MIDI file and you have displayed the score, it should look something like this:

    This is a screenshot of the MidiPlay program. See the text for instructions on how to download and use MidiPlay.

    Click on the picture for a larger image.

  3. Using the MidiPlay program to listen to MIDI files:

  4. Using the advanced features of the MidiPlay program:

  5. If you have any problems with the MidiPlay program or suggestions for improvement then email me at

Chris Hills.


  • MidiPlay users:
  • Stapleford Choral Society website
  • MidiPlayW7.exe
  • MidiPlay_v2p4.exe
  • MidiPlay_v2p6.exe
  • MidiPlay98_v2p6.exe
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